A company’s logo reveals to people what kind of business they are dealing with. It shows prospective clients the personality of the business with and creates a brand that will follow a company for as long as they use it. Your logo should be as memorable and professional as you are. It’s not just about creating an image, it’s about really defining what your message is and distilling that into visual form.

Real logo design should be done by a professional. There are many things to take into account when creating a memorable corporate identity. PowerBand Graphics interviews our clients to find out what kind of company they want to be and don’t want to be. Research is done into our client’s market, competitors and we even go so far as to interview our client’s customers to see what kind of strengths and weaknesses they may not even know about themselves.

Your logo shouldn’t rely on recent trends or gimmicks, it should transcend those trends as much as possible to create a timelessness that will last as long as your company.

Quality is equally important as well. Logos should be easily reproducible and scale accurately. Logos should be original creations and not contain any images or fonts that infringe on copyright laws. They should be easily readable without any color initially and color chosen that specifically suits the project and company.

PowerBand Graphics will work with you to create an identity that is unique to you. We will do the appropriate research and keep you involved every step of the way. Cutting corners when it comes to your identity can lead to unfortunate situations. Clip art is often not legally trademark-able, using it not only lessens your distinctiveness but can open you up to lawsuits. Fonts should be legally procured and licensed as well. Letting a professional craft a brand with artwork that belongs solely to you is the only way to ensure problems don’t happen.

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